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Remembering 1947

I loved this book and highly recommend it.

Frank Parker's author site

It is a cliché that our childhoods are filled with memories of warm summer days, rarely marred by bad weather. The summer of 1947 epitomises that notion for me and is one reason why I set my novel Summer Day in that particular summer.

In England the year began with heavy snow and bitter cold. I had turned five the previous November and should have started school at the end of the Christmas break.

Snow drifts had piled up against the ground floor windows of our cottage. Travelling the 3 miles to the village school was impossible. The thaw did not come until March. I entered school after the Easter break.

That exceptionally cold winter was followed by an equally exceptional summer. One not repeated until global warming began to make such summers common place in the UK.

But 1947 was extraordinary in other ways. The post-war Labour government had…

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