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Freebies and Freecycles


by Roxanne Tellier

The hardest part of starting something – is starting something.

In 2003, Deron Beal was 39 years old, and working in Tucson, Arizona for a non-profit group that combined recycling with job training. Beal couldn’t stand to see good, usable items in his neighbourhood being thrown away on garbage day, and he began rescuing things that would have otherwise only added to the mass in the ever-growing city dumps and landfills. 

But soon he’d accumulated a warehouse of furniture, computer parts, and other items that, while not recyclable, were still useable, and were often items in demand by other non-profits. He’d drive around to drop off donations, but the pile was getting higher, and the work became too much for one person.

That’s when Beal got the idea of setting up a group on the Yahoo network, dedicated to the sharing of items that might otherwise…

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I’ll Take White Fragility for $300 Alex

Another excellent post from Roxanne Tellier​. The video at the end is worth watching.


by Roxanne Tellier

Earlier this month a meme starting going around that made a lot of people feel uncomfortable. The meme asked people to acknowledge that overcoming inherent bias, prejudice, and all the ‘isms’ was an ongoing thing, and that we are all ‘works in progress.’

I’m so tired of those that virtue signal, with various #NotAllWhatever hashtags. To hear these paragons of wounded nobility talk, they are the ‘exception that proves the rule,‘ because they’ve always treated women well, and never failed to give anyone of any creed or colour whom they’ve encountered, the same pure and unadulterated dignity, respect and opportunities as those that look just like them.

I rather think that anyone who COULD claim such innocence, is unlikely to ever do so.

As quickly as the meme travelled thru the internet webs, it just as quickly disappeared, which is an interesting commentary…

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Using Reiki to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities

Thank you, Mom’s, for including my article in your magazine this month.

Mom's Favorite Reads

Using Reiki to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities by Val Tobin

Read this fascinating article here👇

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Mom’s Favorite Reads eMagazine March 2021

Thank you, Mom’s for including my article on Reiki in this month’s magazine.

Mom's Favorite Reads

In our spring issue…

A seasonal blend of articles including Mad as a March Hare, Dr Seuss, Reiki, World Wildlife Day, International Day of Forests, plus short stories, recipes, puzzles, humour, photographs and so much more!

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Eye Saw the Light

Roxanne tells it like it is again. Thanks, Roxanne.


by Roxanne Tellier

I’m not a big fan of this ‘aging’ stuff. But unfortunately, dealing with all the things that can go wrong as our bodies mature beats the snot out of the alternative.

Sometimes the drama of politics has to take a number and wait for my attention. This was one of those weeks. I had some routine cataract surgery that didn’t go as well as planned, and it took a lot of strong-arming to get that rectified.

I’ve long had the reputation of being the loudmouthed rebel, who takes no sh*t or prisoners, either for herself, or for those she loves. Not sure if it’s the Irish or the French in me, but that’s just the way I’ve always been. If you come for my people, you’d better come prepared for a fight.   

Trouble is, that kind of white knighting gets a little harder every…

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Need a little romance in your life? Find all the love and steamy heat here.

Thank you for featuring my books, Theresa.

Author Theresa Jacobs

Clean, exciting Romantic Suspense from a Multi-Award-Winning Author.

Readers’ Favorite Award-Winner – a love story that gets hotter… and hotter.

What happens when your boss finds your naughty letter to Santa?

https://amzn.to/2NeYDzQ What happens when you find the man who checks all the boxes on your Cupid’s List?

Set in the 60’s in a small town in Wales where everybody knows everybody and everyone loves a scandal.

Past, present & future come together in this explosive modern tale of love and revenge.

He can’t leave his world; she won’t be tied to a planet again. The Shaman-king and the mercenary.

A Romantic Suspense Novel

Three mysteries in one! Missing in Egypt, Missing at Sea and Missing in London. Three stand-alone books set on far-flung continents, the only link being Anna herself.

A Contemporary Small Town Romantic Suspense

A Celebrity Romantic Suspense Novel

A Second Chance Romance (Forever Young Series)


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Support children’s literacy

Author Theresa Jacobs

Filipino-Canadian Lucy Lombos shares her joy of life and goal for children’s literacy through her many books. Each of which hold the highest values and moral teaching for children. Lucy and her husband Umberto “Jun” Lombos, founded Lombosco Academy (LA) in Katarungan Village, Muntinlupa City, Philippines. She sits as LA’s Directress while Jun serves as its Founding President. You can read her full story below in an article from Philippine Canadian Inquirer. But before you do, don’t forget to pick up a book or two.

A young boy experiences an unexpected adventure and discovers who the real gem is. The journey leads him to reach his goal.

Modern fables

Life is like a boat ride which is not always smooth sailing. This is a compelling story of a young girl who goes through an unforgettable adventure in Puerto Galera, Philippines. Her summer vacation is a realistic comparison of life to…

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What is Meditation?

Thank you for publishing my article on meditation, Mom’s Favorite Reads.

Mom's Favorite Reads

What is Meditation? Val Tobin explores the effects of meditation on our minds and bodies.

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Mom’s Favorite Reads eMagazine December 2020

Another great issue from Mom’s Favorite Reads

Mom's Favorite Reads

In this month’s bumper issue of our Amazon #1 ranked magazine…

A Celtic Christmas, stories, articles and gift ideas based on a Celtic theme. Plus seasonal features to entertain you during the festive season and all your regular favorites.

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November 2020

Another awesome issue from Mom’s Favorite Reads.

Mom's Favorite Reads

In this month’s issue of our Amazon #1 ranked magazine…

Celebrating the Little Things

Things Children Say

A Young Writer’s View of Our Oceans




Classic Movies

And so much more!

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