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The Experiencers Discounted for Limited Time

The ExperiencersIf you’ve ever wanted to read The Experiencers, now is a good time to get it. The price for the e-book has been reduced to .99 for a limited number of readers. After the promotion, it’ll return to its regular price of $2.99.

It’s available for download through various retailers.


Assassin Michael Valiant deals death without question on the orders of the Agency. He knows it’s all in the name of duty and the fight against terror, particularly at a time when the earth is as close as it’s ever been to self-destructing.

But Michael questions his agency’s motives when he’s ordered to silence a group of UFO enthusiasts who look less like terrorists than they do housewives and nerds. His attempts to uncover the truth arouse the suspicions of his partner and boss with tragic consequences. Michael finds himself running for his life and dragging his intended target along with him.

Can he save them both, or will the Agency and the aliens find them first?

A new age science fiction thriller that delves into existing UFO and doomsday weaponry conspiracy theories, The Experiencers keeps readers riveted with non-stop action while the characters struggle to control destinies that may have been determined lifetimes ago.

Guess they don’t mind you reading it after all

The ExperiencersIn a swift and interesting turn of events, Amazon has reinstated John Hennessy’s review I blogged about yesterday.

Whether it’s a coincidence and it would have been returned today, blog post or not; or it’s the result of a conscience prick at Amazon, or it’s the letter John wrote to their customer service; the review returned as it had disappeared, without notice or fanfare.

To everyone who lent their sympathy, empathy, and support to the cause, a heartfelt thanks. Whether or not those actions had any influence on Amazon, the party that showed up to my protest warmed the cockles of my little indie heart.

Ironically, the incident brought John and me closer, virtually speaking. Perhaps, one day, we’ll find ourselves on the same continent, and we’ll meet up in a pub where we can raise a glass and celebrate a newfound friendship.

Thank you, Amazon, for being the catalyst for that.

The Experiencers Available on Smashwords and Amazon

The Experiencers, Val Tobin’s debut novel, hit virtual shelves in March 2014.

The story of a disillusioned killer and the psychic target whose life he tears apart, the novel is like Jason Bourne meets the Ghost Whisperer on an X-File.

Details on the e-book can be found on Smashwords or Amazon Canada, Amazon US, Amazon UK, or Amazon Australia.