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Val Tobin

Mom's Favorite Reads

As part of the Authors Give Back sale where authors support readers during this difficult time Val Tobin is offering her books for free and at 60% off the recommended retail price.

Nothing is more glorious than finding a book that keeps you turning pages to discover what happens next. Val Tobin’s stories will do just that. Take a journey with characters who will inspire you, intrigue you, and entice you to read just one more chapter.


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Nick Pope

Mom's Favorite Reads

Strange phenomenon. Nick Pope, UFOs and the real X-Files.

To read this article in our magazine please click herehttps://moms-favorite-reads.com/magazines/magazines-2020/

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Hypnosis for Personal Development

Mom's Favorite Reads

In this interview, hypnotist Peter Wolf discusses how hypnosis can help people with their personal issues. He also tells readers what they should or shouldn’t do to prepare for a hypnosis session.

To read this article in our magazine please click herehttps://moms-favorite-reads.com/magazines/magazines-2020/

To read back issues of our magazine please click herehttps://moms-favorite-reads.com/magazines/

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But Enough About Me


by Roxanne Tellier

Okay, I’m tired of the pandemic game now … can we play something else for a while?

I’ll tell you, I thought I’d be just fine with ‘social distancing.’ I’m not great with staying up late; social distancing is how I basically spend most Saturday nights.

And as the daughter of a hoarder, I was weeks ahead of most when the penny dropped, and people got into panic buying. Way ahead of you guys! I panic when I can see bare shelf in my pantry; I like to have at least six tins or packages of our favorite foods tucked away ‘just in case.’ 

I really thought the libraries being closed would be the straw that broke my spirit, but even there, I’m pretty much covered. Books, DVDs, CDs … I’m better than good. On top of that, there are all sorts of…

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Where Do Authors Get Their Ideas?

Great discussion from Mom’s Favorite Reads on where authors get their ideas.

Mom's Favorite Reads

Mom’s authors interviewed by T.E. Hodden

To read this article in our magazine please click herehttps://moms-favorite-reads.com/magazines/magazines-2020/

To read back issues of our magazine please click here https://moms-favorite-reads.com/magazines/

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COVID-19 And The End Of Complacency

Great message here from Eric Lahti, one of my favourite indie authors.

Eric Lahti

First off, let me just say I thought COVID-19 was the name of the virus and the sickness you got was just a sickness. Apparently, I was wrong. COVID-19 is the sickness and SARS-CoV-2 is the virus. Personally, I think they need to come up with better names for both the disease and the virus. Although, to be fair, COVID-19 has done an admirable job of striking fear into the hearts of the world.

But, let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before the first COVID-19 World Tour 2020 shirts start popping up.

As of this writing, we’re still semi-confined to our houses. I say semi-confined because essential businesses are still operating. Restaurants are doing take-out orders, grocery stores are still operating, and half of Albuquerque is at Lowe’s at any given point in time. Drive around the city and there’s still traffic, albeit less than usual. But…

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Mom’s Favorite Reads eMagazine April 2020

Mom’s Favorite Reads eMagazine for April will entertain and inform you. I’ve contributed another interview with hypnotist Peter Wolf.

Mom's Favorite Reads

Our April 2020 Issue!


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Strong Women on Mother’s Day

Out now! Includes one of my stories. Fans of The Valiant Chronicles will recognize John and Carolyn Fairchild.

Mom's Favorite Reads

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Britain with the publication of The Strong Women Anthology by Mom’s Favorite Authors.

The phrase ‘strong women’ can refer to countless things, from historical achievements, to self-made business women, to the strongest mothers out there. Strong Women is an anthology just about that, from the authors of the magazine Mom’s Favorite Reads.

This collection of stories, featuring new and award-winning authors, span from a martial arts detective, to a girl working in a haunted café, all the way to a lady who takes down the queen of demons with a blessed baseball bat. You’ll be thrown into action, laughs, and even some chills.


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Positive Messages

A great roundtable discussion with the authors at Mom’s Favorite Reads.

Mom's Favorite Reads

Welcome back to another of Mom’s Roundtable discussions. This issue I will be joined by members of Mom’s author group, to discuss the growing wave of fiction with positive messages, such as the Hope Punk movement. Of course, science fiction and fantasy stories with a hopeful, progressive, and positive setting are nothing new, and many of us grew up with them, and it is no surprise that in these times of political division, economic hardship, and ecological disaster, it is only to be expected that authors and creators around the world will tackle the issues facing the world. Can hopeful and positive messages make a real difference though? Let’s see what our authors think – T.E. Hodden

Authors Would You Like to Reach 200,000 Readers?

Goylake Publishing has teamed-up with the Fussy Librarian and in partnership we are offering you 20% off your first book promotion with the Fussy Librarian…

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Mount Haven

Melanie Smith is one of my treasured beta readers. Check out her books on Mom’s Favorite Reads.

Mom's Favorite Reads

Rowdy Cooper is a cop born into a family of cops, and he loves the family business. Then one night, everything changes. After being shot in the line of duty, he is forced to retire. Depressed and a little lost, he moves to a sleepy little Montana town called Mount Haven. But, will the move prove therapeutic or lethal?

Bailey’s on the run. She landed in Mount Haven and fell in love with the peaceful little town instantly. She keeps to herself and reveals nothing. But, her sharp mind and secretive nature has attracted the attention of the Cooper brothers. One is her new boss, the other the town sheriff. Both are too perceptive.

As Rowdy struggles to rebuild his life, Bailey wrestles to keep her secrets hidden. But, powerful and dangerous men are on the hunt… and Bailey is the prey. Suddenly, two sadistic conspirators emerge from the shadows…

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