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Thank you for the interview, Theresa Jacobs. 🙂

Author Theresa Jacobs

Please welcome Val, check out her interview with me, her books, and like, share – READ.

Tell us about your books, genre, stand-alone or series.

I’ve published seven novels, one box set (The Valiant Chronicles), and some short stories. The Valiant Chronicles is also available as a series of individual novels. My main genre is romance (romantic suspense, paranormal romance).

The Valiant Chronicles set is a supernatural thriller comprised of three novels: The Experiencers, A Ring of Truth, and Earthbound.

the experience bk 1 ebook cover 4aug2017

The Experiencers introduces the main characters and the conflict. It’s a story of good versus evil but with the added challenge that some characters believe they’re working for the greater good when they’re not. I’ve always enjoyed exploring perceptions, truth, and reality.

A Ring of truth ebook cover

A Ring of Truth completes the journey after a much darker turn. The two main characters get to a point where they have…

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My Other Car is a Porsche

A news item caught my eye this morning. Apparently, a woman accidentally stole a car, thinking it was the car she’d rented. She drove the stolen car around for two weeks before returning it to the rental company, at which point, the mistake came to light.


via giphy

As I read this story, I thought, I could totally make a mistake like this.

All cars the same colour look pretty much identical to me.

When my brother-in-law was buying a new car years ago, I asked my sister what kind.

“Green,” she replied.

Her hubby said, “That’s not what she meant. She means what make and model”

I replied, “Actually, that is what I meant.”

We had a chuckle over the fact that my sister and I both think alike when it comes to cars.

The only way I recognize which car is ours in a parking lot is by the license plate. You wouldn’t believe how often I walk towards a Porsche, mistaking it for our Mazda 3. Strange how my brain always mistakes the more expensive vehicles for our little go-kart.

Bottom line is, I could be anywhere in the world at any given time. Don’t leave your keys in the car in a parking lot — especially if you own a Porsche.

WATWB – Try Talking, It’s Easier Than Fighting

Eric Lahti

Victor Hugo once said something interesting about enemies. Most people think it was Winston Churchill, but there’s no evidence he ever said “You have enemies? Great. It means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” There is, however, plenty of evidence that Victor Hugo said something similar:

“You have enemies? Why, it is the story of every man who has done a great deed or created a new idea. It is the cloud which thunders around everything that shines. Fame must have enemies, as light must have gnats. Do not bother yourself about it; disdain. Keep your mind serene as you keep your life clear.”

A little less punchy than the supposed Churchill quote, but also more eloquent. Such is Victor Hugo, I guess. On the other hand, Churchill stomped Nazis, so he gets a pass if he was less eloquent than a professional author.

On a somewhat…

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A Date With . . . Lesley Hayes

An interview with the talented Lesley Hayes.

Frank Parker's author site

My ‘date’ this week is with a woman who lives a stone’s throw from the ‘Dreaming Spires’ of Oxford.

covers_round_robin_pic“I moved to Oxford about thirty years ago, having flirted with the idea of living here for at least five years before that. I was born in London and lived there until my early twenties. I’d never want to go back there for more than a visit now.

I’ve found Oxford is an ideal place for writers, eccentrics, and artists. It’s a place that celebrates diversity, and where you can be anonymous if you wish, and yet experience the feel of a village if you want to find your tribe. I love the way history is embedded in its streets and secret alleyways.

My own personal history is embedded there too, now. The only thing I would change seems like wishing for the tide not to turn – I’m not keen…

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Signs from the Other Side

Hawk in the Cemetery

Hawk in the Cemetery, Courtesy of Bob Tobin

When my father passed away in 2005, something strange happened around the time of his funeral.

As my mother and brother sat in the living room at my parents’ house, they heard a thud on the front door. My mother said it sounded as though someone had dropped something on her doorstep.

She got up to check it out and when she opened the front door, she found a hawk, a pigeon in its talons, sitting on a large rock in her front yard. They stared at one another for quite a while — long enough for my brother to join her and see it for himself.

After a while, the hawk flew away, carrying the pigeon with him. White feathers covered the front steps and yard. My mother said that, for weeks after, she continued to find white feathers inside her front door.

I consulted with a First Nations friend who studies nature signs, and he told me the hawk is a messenger from the other side. Whether you believe in this type of spirit communication or not, you have to admit the coincidence was weird.

Birds of prey feature often when we seek a sign from my father. This wasn’t the first freaky coincidence, nor the last, and when it’s not a hawk we get, it’s an owl.

Since this past weekend was Father’s Day weekend, I longed to receive a sign from my dad. He’s been gone for so long, and I wanted to hear from him again.

Saturday evening, my husband and I went for a walk in the cemetery next to our house. As we rounded a bend, we were halted in our tracks by two crows dive-bombing something in a tree overhanging the path we walked.

Just then, a bird cried out, and we looked up to see a hawk sitting on the branch of the tree. He stood proud and resolute, not a bit rattled by the angry crows attempting to unseat him.

Hawk Feather

Hawk Feather, Courtesy of Bob Tobin

Awed, we climbed a nearby hill and watched them for awhile, and my husband snapped some pictures. The crows cawed in fury and flew at the hawk but never touched him. The hawk remained unrattled, keeping his perch. He gave the odd screech, a sound that sent chills through me.

Since the stalemate seemed like it would continue for a while, we decided to resume our walk. As I made my way down the hill, I spotted a feather in the grass before me: a feather from the hawk.

I picked it up, thinking about my father. Hawks always remind me of my father since that day one visited my mother after he died.

Interview about Injury on ReadFree.ly

51xtkof2hbl-_sy346_Cool news: Injury now has a featured page on ReadFreely, which includes an interview with your’s truly, and you can view it here: http://www.readfree.ly/injury-by-val-tobin/

The voting is still going on for RF’s Best Book We’ve Read and Injury is lagging. I’d appreciate your vote to help bump it up in the rankings. The link to the vote page is here: http://www.readfree.ly/bbwray2018/

You might need to click on the links twice to get the pages to display. A glitch in their system resolves links to the home page.

Thank you for voting for Injury!

A Date With . . . Val Tobin

Thank you for featuring me on your site, Frank. I enjoyed answering the interview questions.

Frank Parker's author site

My latest ‘Date’ is with novelist and parapsychology graduate Val Tobin who hails from Ontario. As usual I began by asking her to tell me a little about her home state.

I’ve lived in Ontario all my life. What I love most about it is the beauty of the countryside and the tight-knit community we live in.

The downside is the bugs, particularly the mosquitoes in the summer. I’m not a big fan of winter either. I’ve learned to bundle up for it, but that doesn’t mean I’m enjoying it. Some folks here participate in winter sports, but the closest I get to a winter sport is reading in front of a fireplace.

Val writes across several genres but has no strong preference for any, preferring to allow the story to dictate the genre:

For example, when the idea for The Experiencers, book one ofthe Valiant Chronicles series,

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