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List of Books Read in 2019

In 2019 I decided to keep track of the books I read, and, as it turns out, I set a lively reading pace. By the end of December 2019, I’d read a total of sixty-three books, most of them fiction. Only those books I finished made the list. If I set them aside or am still working on reading them, I left them off the list. Titles in bold are books I’ve read before and reread in 2019. Two are my books (more on that another time).

I’m trying to get a handle on what it is about the books I read quickly that captivate me so much that I can’t put them down, or if I must put them down, I can’t get them out of my head and must pick them up again as soon as possible. I think the writing style has the most to do with it and genre the least. This also goes for authors that grab me so much with their stories that I have to read everything they write. As you can see from the list, Sue Grafton has me hooked, and I started reading her books in March 2019 with A is for Alibi.

I used to read more non-fiction, but lately, I prefer the escape of fiction, though literary fiction isn’t the same type of escape as genre fiction. Most literary fiction rubs your nose in reality rather than allows you to escape it.

A number of indie books made my reading list. I’m an indie author and I read other indie authors. I often get them in e-book format, which takes me much longer to read. When I find a compelling story, though, the format doesn’t prevent me from getting addicted to it; however, it might prevent me from picking it up as frequently as I do paperback stories I’m addicted to.

Here is my complete reading list for 2019:

Month Title Author
January The Host Stephenie Meyer
January The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion Fannie Flagg
January Leaving Time Jodi Picoult
January Whiskey Sour J. A. Konrath
January The Haunting of Hill House Shirley Jackson
January Saving Grace Hannah Howe
January Watership Down Richard Adams
February Dune Frank Herbert
February Leverage in Death J. D. Robb
February The Ocean at the End of the Lane Neil Gaiman
February Save the Cat! Writes a Novel Jessica Brody
February The Rules of Magic Alice Hoffman
March The Lake House Kate Morton
March A is for Alibi Sue Grafton
March Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Douglas Adams
March Stones from the River Ursula Hegi
April Of Blood and Bone Nora Roberts
April Final Year MJ Moores
April Sam’s Song Hannah Howe
April Twe12lve Ceri Bladen
April The Lucky One Nicholas Sparks
May B is for Burglar Sue Grafton
May C is for Corpse Sue Grafton
May Half-Blood Blues Esi Edugyan
May Blood and Circuses Aliya Smyth
May The Birth House Ami McKay
May The Great Alone Kristin Hannah
June Blithe Images Nora Roberts
June Strands of Starlight Gael Baudino
June Death of an Expert Witness P. D. James
July Bloody Mary J. A. Konrath
July A Fatal Inversion Barbara Vine
July Soothed by Magic: Hidden Coven Series Book 2 Kim McDougal
August Anna Karenina Leo Tolstoy
August Blank Space Jennifer Young
August The Wonder Emma Donoghue
August Dark Sacred Night Michael Connelly
August The Midnight Line Lee Child
August Past Tense Lee Child
August Connections in Death Nora Roberts
September The Accidental Tourist Anne Tyler
September After Eden Jennifer Young
September An Irish Country Girl Patrick Taylor
September Born a Crime Trevor Noah
September Persuader Lee Child
September One Shot Lee Child
September Lo’ Mae John Erwin
October Assassin’s Apprentice Robin Hobb
October Inborn Magic: Hidden Coven Series Book 1 Kim McDougal
October The Godfather Mario Puzzo
October The Hunted Val Tobin
November Innocence Roald Dahl
November Trigger Magic: Hidden Coven Series Book 3 Kim McDougal
November Odd Thomas Dean Koontz
December Practical Magic Alice Hoffman
December Body in the Harbour Nanci M. Pattenden
December Two Solitudes Hugh MacLennan
December Could it be Forever? My Story David Cassidy
December E is for Evidence Sue Grafton
December F is for Fugitive Sue Grafton
December Storm Child Jennifer Young
December G is for Gumshoe Sue Grafton
December Earthbound Val Tobin

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