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Five Authors (Alive or Dead) I’d Like to Meet #MFRWAuthor

As an author, I love reading and talking about other authors. In a good way, of course. Sure, I may not always love their books, but as people, authors rock. This week I get to pick five authors I’d like to meet, which is a welcome change to narrowing a list down to one of something I love.

So, here goes (in no particular order, obviously, since Jesus falls third on the list):

  1. J. R. R. Tolkien — The master of literary prose. From the moment I started reading The Fellowship of the Ring, I fell in love with his writing style and his created world. I’d want to ask him what it was like to write it. What went through his mind as he created various parts. I imagine we’d have dinner (mushroom soup, perhaps) and a pint of ale at a pub.
  2. Margaret Atwood — I’ve loved Margaret Atwood’s novels since I was a teen and stumbled across The Edible Woman. While her writing can make me uncomfortable, it always moves me. I’d love to hang out with her and discuss writing and women in society today. I see us at a cafe in Yorkville.
  3. Jesus — Since Jesus told parables, he counts as an author, though his stories were told orally and scribed by others. A discussion with Jesus would be enlightening. I envision us hanging out in a garden. I’d ask all kinds of questions about life, the universe, and everything. He’d talk while I listen wide-eyed. I’d have to record it. I’m sure it would all flash by in a blur.
  4. Nora Roberts — The Queen of romance, Nora Roberts’s books captivated me from the first, though I only picked them up for the first time in 2014. I typically avoided romance novels for most of my life, but I loved to read about relationships. Nora Roberts showed me that romance novels are worth spending time on. Her “big Noras,” as she calls her larger novels, are among my favourite books. I particularly love her In Death books. Eve and Roarke are my favourite fictional couple (next to my own Michael and Carolyn, of course).  Case in point: she’s written around 200 books and I’ve read almost all of them even though I only started reading her books in the last few years.I picture having high tea with Nora at the Prince of Wales in Niagara-on-the-Lake.
  5. Stephen King — The King of horror. He had a heavy influence on my writing career. I fell in love with Salem’s Lot when I was a young teen and couldn’t get enough King books after reading that one. All I wanted to do after that was write, not necessarily horror, mind you, but his writing was easy to read and spell-binding, and stimulated my desire to write. King’s main characters are Joe or Jane average. They struggle to pay rent. They battle addictions. No one swoops in to save them. They are relatable. For our meetup, King and I would meet in a jazz bar and chat over sodas, burgers, and fries.

That’s my shortlist. If it were up to me, it would be much longer and would include writers I’ve come to know only virtually and would love to meet. I’m talking about you, Tom Benson, Nico Laeser, Sylva Fae, Anne Francis Scott, Lucinda Hawks Moebius, and all you other IASD, SFF Learning Group, or MFRW members who’ve helped me muddle through the quicksand that is indie publishing without ever meeting in person.

For more posts from other writers on this subject, check out the MFRW 52-Week Challenge post for week 6.


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  1. I love the variety of authors found in this blog hop.

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