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New Release from Dr. Lucinda Moebius

Today I have a guest post from Dr. Lucinda Moebius, an author who writes both fiction and non-fiction. She is currently promoting a new release, and I’ve given her the space to tell us about it.

Self-help book for authors


Image courtesy of Dr. Lucinda Moebius

I am currently promoting a new release!


My newest book is a non-fiction self-help book for authors. I created the book based on lessons I learned about creating an effective book-marketing plan.

The book is Publish Promote Repeat: Preparing to Launch Your Book Workbook.

Promotion is a process. There is no magic formula for selling books. Hard work and dedication are required to create, publish, and market a masterpiece.
This workbook guides you through a three-phased process of bringing your book to a broader audience. Following the steps outlined in this workbook will streamline your prepublication, publication, and post publication marketing process, delivering to you the potential to not only achieve, but maintain, an improved ranking in the sales market.

About the Author


Photo courtesy of Dr. Lucinda Moebius

Lucinda Moebius has been a writer since she was a child and was first published in 2010. Since then she has worked hard to create unique visions and stories. Her work includes novels in multiple genres including: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Children’s Books, Screenplays and Non-fiction. Lucinda has a Doctorate in Education and loves teaching, but her greatest desire is to help others understand how literature and writing can bring enlightenment and understanding to everyone. She offers book coaching and advice to everyone, whether they want it or not.



Amazon: Amazon profile page

Facebook: Lucinda Moebius Fan Page

Facebook group: SFF Promo Group

GoodReads: Profile page

Website: www.lucindamoebius.com

Blogs: Your Next Favorite Author and Moebius Musings


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