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There but for the grace of God

Up to 100 vehicles were involved in a crash on highway 401 in Ontario on Saturday, January 7, 2017, and if it wasn’t for my husband’s suggestion we stop for lunch, we might have been in the thick of it.

We were heading to Belleville from Newmarket, and typically, our route would take us onto the 404 and then the 401. Instead, my husband suggested we go through Port Perry and stop for lunch at The Jester’s Court, one of our favourite stops when we go to the cottage and the inspiration for the fictitious King’s Castle in my novel, A Ring of Truth.

Even though I would have preferred going straight to Belleville, every time the suggestion tried to pop out of my mouth, I had an uneasy feeling and remained silent. My primary method of gaining intuitive knowledge is claircognizance, so when the thought “Don’t change the plan” repeatedly popped into my head, I left things alone.

The trip through Port Perry and beyond was enjoyable.

The sun was out, the roads clear. We had a lovely lunch and continued on until we reached the on-ramp to the 401 in Bowmanville.

It was closed, and cars from both the eastbound and westbound lanes were leaving the highway.

We had no choice but to head to highway 2 and try to find an open entry to the 401. By this time, the clouds above were an evil grey, and snow was falling and blowing. Traffic on highway 2 crawled along in both directions.

I had no idea how bad the accident was until we found the next on-ramp closed. And the next.

We were finally able to get onto the 401 in the town of Welcome, and the eastbound traffic was scarce. The westbound lanes were jammed, and we saw three more accidents as we headed to Belleville.

I was grateful we’d missed getting entangled in the mess behind us.

The journey, which should have taken two hours, took four-and-a-half hours, but it was a small price to pay. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries in the accident, which looks horrific when you view the footage.

Just shows you how one decision can impact your day.


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