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Featured #SciFan Author: Christie M. Stenzel is #YourNextFavoriteAuthor

Just bought this novel. It’s on special for .99 even in Canada. 🙂

SciFan™ (Science Fantasy)

Christie.jpgMeet the talented SciFan author Christie M. Stenzel! In her words, “Writing and reading are my passions! My dream to be a writer began when, as a five year old child, I would ask my mother to write down the stories I would make up about talking dogs.”

Having obtaineda Bachelor’s Degree in English, a Master’s Degree in Leadership, and a degree in ultrasound, she began to pursue herdream of writing with hopes to one day make it a career. Because she has many interests and ideas, her ultimate goal is to release works of fiction in multiple genres. Science Fantasy will always be her first love however, as she has always has an intense imagination that threatens to inundate her if the stories are not expelled onto paper.

Christie currently has five published books: an ongoing SciFan series with three installments so far (the fourth book is coming…

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