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Prey Tell

Three days ago, I was working on creating a tagline for Walk-In, my forthcoming novel. After tossing a few options around and getting some feedback from fellow authors at IASD‘s FaceBook group, I settled on the following: Her body is his temple. He’s come to prey.

Feedback on it included mention of the play on words with the word “prey.” It was perfect for the story.

Two days later, I stood in front of the newly opened book exchange pod in Newmarket. On the top shelf of the bookcase sat a book with the word prey in the title. I chuckled to myself. What a coincidence.

Then I forgot about it as I scanned the bookcase for books I’d want to borrow. I lost myself in searching through the various titles.

An elderly woman brought me out of my trance, saying, “Excuse me. What does that word mean?”

I glanced at her, then up to the top shelf of the bookcase where she pointed.

“P-R-E-Y,” she said, her accent hinting at a European background, perhaps Polish or Hungarian. “What does that mean? It’s not the same thing as P-R-A-Y?”

I told her it meant to hunt, the way birds of prey will hunt down small animals for food. She thanked me and a few moments later wished me a nice day and left.

But the incident stuck in my mind. Sure, it was a coincidence, but for me, it was a meaningful coincidence, which makes it a synchronicity.

I arrived at the book exchange shortly after it opened for the season. The book, by an author I didn’t know, stood out only because of the word on the cover that reminded me of my tagline. Then, when I turned my thoughts to something else, the woman brought my attention back to it.

I don’t see it as anything other than validation that I was on the right track with the tagline. At least, I hope it doesn’t have more significance than that. Prey is not a word I want summing up anything about my life. I enjoy synchronicities when they occur and make note of them.

This was a cool one.


2 Responses

  1. That’s definitely a sign. I like the tag line too. It sticks in your mind.

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