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For Writers – A Bit About Knife Fighting

Excellent post on writing a knife-attack scene.

Eric Lahti

Back in 2006 I gave myself a nasty cut on the hand – like nine stitches nasty. I came about a quarter inch from severing the tendon that lets me move my thumb. Had I done that the treatment would have moved from a bunch of stitches and an admonition to be more careful with sharp things to “your surgery will be tomorrow and don’t expect your hand to ever work quite like it used to.”

Now, I wasn’t doing anything terribly stupid, which is a change for me. I was studying Kenjutsu at the time and was practicing one of the katas where we slice parts off people. Part of learning sword fighting is learning how to draw the sword and strike in a smooth motion. I got a little over-exuberant and wound up with a bunch of stitches and a serious blow to my ego.

My instructor took…

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