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V is for Valiant (and other character names) #AtoZChallenge

Valiant means brave, so when I named my main character in The Experiencers Michael Valiant, I was playing with the meaning. That it became the series title (The Valiant Chronicles) and reflects one of the themes in the story was a happy synergy.

When I first contemplated a last name for Michael, the word valiant popped into my head. I hesitated. Was Michael Valiant too corny? Was it realistic? I was already using Michael based on the archangel. Was Valiant taking it too far? Would anyone even notice the overkill?

I did what any self-respecting lightworker author would do: I asked my angels and guides to validate the choice.

The synchronicities came fast and furious.

I flipped on the TV later that day with an overwhelming desire to watch an episode of the original Star Trek. The episode I randomly selected had a spaceship in it named The SS Valiant.

One of my friends on FB posted, tagging a friend of his who had the last name Valiant, and she had the same name as Michael’s wife in the story. Amused, I contacted her. She replied that, more strange still, her brother’s name is Michael.

After the novel was released, an actor with the stage name of Valiant Michael contacted me. His real name? Michael Valiant. He is interested in playing the role of Michael Valiant if there’s ever a movie version and added his name to the Imagine Film List post for it.

Most of the time, I select character names that have a special meaning. Sometimes the meaning is personal, sometimes metaphorical.

In Walk-In, I named one of the characters Talitha. The explanation for it is in the story.

I love playing around with character names and providing them with deeper meaning that readers who enjoy puzzles might catch.


One Response

  1. Sounds like you picked the right name. The universe approved. =)

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

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