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C is for Covers #atozchallenge

Book covers fascinate me.

I understand you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I find it difficult not to. Check out this list on Bored Panda and see if you’d pay money to read any of them after viewing the covers.

I admire anyone who can design a beautiful cover.

I’ve done one DIY cover, and I’m not proud of it. But the story is available for free and it was either money for editing or money for a cover, and the editing won. I do plan to have it redone when I can afford to squeeze out the coin.

Indie-book covers are hard-won. Most indie authors don’t make enough money to cover the cost of the expenses associated with publishing a book–not at first, anyway. So I’d like to honour some lovely covers I’ve come across.

Ten compelling indie-book covers/sets of covers (of course the covers for my books are on the list–they’re gorgeous):

  1. The Valiant Chronicles Series: The Experiencers and A Ring of Truth: Design by Patti Roberts of Paradox Book Covers.
  2. Injury: Design by Patti Roberts of Paradox Book Covers. Patti’s covers for my forthcoming releases, Gillian’s Island and Walk-In are just as spectacular and will be revealed soon.
  3. Skin Cage: Design by Nico Laeser. There’s nothing Nico Laeser can’t do. He writes beautifully and his art is phenomenal.
  4. Harmonic Resonance: Design by Nico Laeser
  5. New Age Noir series: Felonious Monk and Soma County:  Design by Linda Tenenbaum.
  6. Origins: I don’t know who did this cover, but it catches my attention every time I see it.
  7. Seer of Souls: Cover design by Greg Simanson.
  8. The Institute Series: The Institute, Resistance, and Defective. Design by Wicked Book Covers.
  9. The Thief Who Stole Eternity (book two of the Infinte series): Design by FLAFI Design.
  10. Amsterdam Calling: Design by Amy Covenay of Author Design Studio.

There are many more gorgeous covers out there, but these in particular caught my eye.

After the cover, the blurb, reviews, and the sample have to pass muster for me to buy, but, fair or not, it’s always the cover that hooks me first.



8 Responses

  1. A great post Val, which I agree with on all points. I pay for my novels to have a professional cover and it’s been proven to be cost-effective. The only novel I didn’t ask Aimee to produce for me was my erotica ‘experiment’, but I’m pleased to say what I came up with has worked.
    I design the covers for my anthologies of short stories and poetry, mainly because neither sell well enough to warrant a big investment.
    Thank you for the mention of Amsterdam Calling – I’ll let Aimee know.:)

  2. Very good points here. A cover can make or break a book – at least until the author makes enough of a name for themselves for you to buy it anyway. I am also an indie author and I have had illustrations paid for for my books. I think it was worth it.

  3. I’m beginning to believe I need to invest in better overs for my books. Before I do that, I’d welcome an honest opinion about the present covers.

    • They look decent. If I saw them in a results list and didn’t know you already, I might click on Strongbow’s Wife or Transgression. It would depend on what other books were in the result list.

      When you search on Amazon and get an extensive list of books to choose from, the cover tends to be the main influence on whether to click through or not. An alluring, professionally done cover will hook the reader more easily.

      I’ve freqently read that an update to a professionally designed cover boosts sales.

  4. I do find myself enjoying the covers of the books. I am not much of a reader, but a good cover can draw me into the books!
    @AllysePanaro from
    The Frog Lady

  5. I don’t think you are the only one that judges books by their covers. The cover is often the first “introduction” to a book a potential reader has. An eye-catching cover that conveys the genre and/or theme of the book will capture attention first.

    You shared some wonderful covers, and I’m thrilled to see the shout-out to Patti Roberts of Paradox Book Covers. She does beautiful work.

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