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Guess they don’t mind you reading it after all

The ExperiencersIn a swift and interesting turn of events, Amazon has reinstated John Hennessy’s review I blogged about yesterday.

Whether it’s a coincidence and it would have been returned today, blog post or not; or it’s the result of a conscience prick at Amazon, or it’s the letter John wrote to their customer service; the review returned as it had disappeared, without notice or fanfare.

To everyone who lent their sympathy, empathy, and support to the cause, a heartfelt thanks. Whether or not those actions had any influence on Amazon, the party that showed up to my protest warmed the cockles of my little indie heart.

Ironically, the incident brought John and me closer, virtually speaking. Perhaps, one day, we’ll find ourselves on the same continent, and we’ll meet up in a pub where we can raise a glass and celebrate a newfound friendship.

Thank you, Amazon, for being the catalyst for that.

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  1. […] Update on October 15, 2015: Amazon has reinstated the review. […]

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