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There’s some truthiness here.

Eric Lahti

Late last week, on the way home from school, my son tried to convince me something he had heard was the TRUTH.  For starters he’s decided he’s going to be a cryptozoologist and he already knew almost everything he’d need to know to do it.  While that would be an interesting career path, that wasn’t the true zinger of the conversation.  He had heard, probably on the playground, that the U.S. Government was distributing guns and paying people to hunt Sasquatches in the Florida forests.

shocked OMG!

Being that he’s nine I took this with a grain of salt and calmly explained a few things to him that the U.S. Government

  • Has no vested interest in Sasquatch one way or the other; it simply doesn’t show up on their radar
  • Is not in the business of giving out guns

I also asked him why anyone would want to hunt and kill…

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