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Chelton House Fail

Yesterday, we received a letter, return address, Costco.

Inside, the letterhead displayed “Chelton House.” I had no idea who that was, but as I read the letter, I learned that records indicated we’d purchased their product, Simply Natural Organic Pasta Sauce.

My first reaction was worry. Were they telling us of a recall? Tainted food?

After reading further, I discovered the problem was a price discrepancy. They’d over-charged us by eighty cents. To compensate, they had sent us a coupon for a hot dog and soft drink from any Costco Food Court in Canada until August 31, 2015.

So, just to be clear, they sent customers who buy organic products a coupon for a hot dog and soft drink.

Face palm.

There was another option available: return the product for a refund.

We’d bought the product between April 17 and June 11, 2015, according to their records, so it’s already been consumed. I guess that’s why they offered the coupon as well.

While I appreciate the goodwill gesture, the irony doesn’t escape me.

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