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Count Down to X-Files

I’ve started watching The X-Files series again. For the fourth time. This is in preparation for the new season, which I fear might be as awful as David Christopher Bell on Cracked says it’ll be.

But, as Bell points oFeatured imageut, some of us do want to believe, so I’ve joined the committed hordes who are watching one episode a day until the new season starts on a channel I don’t get because we don’t have cable. I want to believe I’ll find a way to watch it. If my daughter is reading this, expect company that night, sweetie.

Two nights ago, I started the adventure with the pilot, which introduces us to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The Cigarette-Smoking Man (CSM) also makes an appearance.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson look so young. Since Duchovny’s a year older than I am, he was in his early thirties when the pilot aired, Anderson was twenty-six.

It’s interesting to go back there and see how far the show evolved from the pilot.

In this first episode, Scully claims she’s never retrieved a tissue sample from a body before, though in later episodes, she’s doing autopsies, and we’re told she did her residency in forensics. She seems meeker than in later episodes in this one, but I guess you could chalk it up to getting a feel for the new job and working with “Spooky” Mulder.

Mulder changes as well. In this first episode, he jumps out of the car to mark a hot spot with an X using a can of spray paint, and it gave me the impression the first time I saw it that we were supposed to think this was something routine that a UFO hunter might do. But then he never does it again in the rest of the entire series.

The X-Files is a fun show to watch and pick apart.

In this episode, they find a nasal implant in what was supposedly the body of one of the kids who died mysteriously. Yet they don’t look for a nasal implant in the two remaining kids who are in the hospital. Scully also said the exhumed corpse looked like that of a chimpanzee, but no one talked about DNA testing.

And does Mulder know that Scully handed the implant over to the CSM at the end? I suppose they had to surrender it, but they don’t show any discussion about it between Mulder and Scully. We just see Scully turning it over. Then we had a scene reminiscent of Indiana Jones, where the CSM takes the implant and files it away in a warehouse.

At one point, Mulder talks about time stopping, when really he should have talked about missing time. I was expecting a discussion about that (something I recall from my first viewing, and which comes up every time I see that episode). Missing time is a common feature in alien abductions.

But Mulder said time stopped, though his watch at the beginning of the anomalous period said 9:02, and at the conclusion, it read 9:13 (if I remember the readouts correctly). So, time passed, because the watch kept going. They were just unaware of it passing. Therefore, time didn’t stop. They were missing time.

It’ll be a fun couple of hundred days.

Image courtesy of Stallio on Flickr.


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