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How the Movie Blazing Saddles Sucked the Horror Out of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep

Master storyteller Stephen King wrote another don’t-wanna-put-it-down-and-go-to-sleep story in Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. Who’d a thunk that ghost story Doctor Sleep would be haunted by Lili Von Shtupp (played brilliantly by Madeline Kahn) from Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles.

But it is.

In the novel, an evil band of soul suckers drive around in RVs looking for young souls to suck. Pretty scary, if you can imagine it, and King writes horror well, so even scarier when he imagines it. Except for one thing: the group calls themselves The True Knot. Okay, nothing too Lili Von Shtupp about that. But sometimes, for short, they simply refer to themselves as The True.

If you’ve seen Blazing Saddles, you might realize where this is going. Every time I read “True,” I heard Lily’s lilting voice: “It’s Twue! It’s Twue!” Every. Time.

Maybe you have to be there to appreciate this. So, watch this scene from Blazing Saddles, where Lili tries to seduce Sheriff Bart.

It’s Twuue!

Now, try and read Doctor Sleep without hearing Lili’s voice. I dare ya.


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