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The Battle Ground for Truth in Natural Remedies

Recently, I talked with a friend about what you can and can’t say to people when you are promoting nutritional products.  My friend had helped someone who has a medical condition feel better, which made him really excited.  

The young man he helped has difficulty gaining weight (not as nice a problem as it sounds) and suffers when he eats many of the foods others enjoy with impunity.  My friend was able to give him food that he was able to eat without the punishing effects, and my friend enthused about the results and became anxious to share it with others suffering from this malady.

And that’s where our discussion about compliance regulations began.  Since this was what would be considered an isolated case, and not a formal case study and not scientifically verified, compliance regulations prevent him from sharing this story using any medical terminology.  There are arguments in favour of this. 

It prevents people from intentionally or naively spreading false or misleading information.  My friend is not a trained medical or health professional and couldn’t possibly understand the underlying cause for the problem and couldn’t possibly understand why the food he provided was fine while other foods aren’t.

But compliance regulations also prevent people from discussing anecdotal evidence and that prevents people from giving information to people who need to have it and would benefit from it.  Whether this is because, as many believe, big pharma and big agra control the government, or whether the government is protecting the public as they claim, the battle ground for fighting against unfair government regulations is not at the companies that provide the products that may or may not help people heal.  It is at the government offices that create these regulations.

If you think that the government has your best interests at heart, I suggest that you read anything by Helke Ferrie.  Then, read up on CODEX, DSHEA, Bill C51 and C52 and any other controversial rulings that trample our right to know the truth about what is going into the foods we eat and then into our bodies. Read Kevin Trudeau’s books on natural cures “they” don’t want you to know about.  Even with his questionable ethics in the past, his research on government regs is thorough and he cites his sources, which are credible.

Also make sure you do your own research, and consult a variety of sources.  I had the privilege to talk with Leigh Fortson when I was reviewing Leigh Fortson’s book, Embrace, Release, Heal.  Her journey through cancer treatment makes for riveting reading, not from a rubbernecking perspective, but because she has managed to find a way to present real alternatives for cancer treatment without contravening compliance regulations.  If you ever find yourself having to deal with cancer, her book is an invaluable resource for you as you manoeuver yourself through the muck and mire of the business of cancer–and cancer is surely big business. 

While it is truly wrong to run around spreading the word on a natural cure that hasn’t proven to have a cause-effect relationship to curing or relieving the symptoms of a certain disease, no matter how it seems to you in your personal experience with it, it is also truly wrong to suppress natural cures that really do work and have been proven.  That is what people such as William Bengston, author of The Energy Cure are doing in an acceptable way, and that is what we need more people in the alternative healing industry to do.  Many people scoff at hands-on healing, but Bengston demonstrated that it works by testing it in the lab. 

The truth really is out there.  Spread the word, but please do it responsibly so that it harms none, especially yourself.


Val Tobin


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