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The Importance of Psychic Protection

One thing about writing for someone else is that I have to be more objective.  So, the blog is for expressing myself and giving my opinion, biased or otherwise.

The article that I wrote for Suite 101 on psychic protection does not go into my personal experiences with this subject, and I did learn about protecting myself the hard way.

When I first delved into the paranormal world, I was very young–before I was a teenager.  I was fascinated by anything occult or otherworldly and I read everything that I could about it—not that there was much to read at that time.  When I was thirteen, I even played around with the Ouija board, seemingly with no repercussions.

I didn’t go very far on the mystic’s path as a teen, and it fell away as I gave up my tarot cards for marriage and children.  It wasn’t a conscious decision, it just happened.  My preoccupation when I started on the path of motherhood was breastfeeding and health and nutrition.  I no longer had time for ghosties and ghoulies and long leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night–though I did continue to read Stephen King for a while longer.

Then when my babies became adults, I returned to my former hobby, but this time with the Internet in which to run amok.  There was so much information on the paranormal that I dived in with gusto.  But in all that research and with all the information overload that I absolutely gloried in, I only stumbled across the idea of psychic self-defense by chance.  Or, I suppose I should really credit my guides.  They must have been getting tired of seeing the cling-ons I must have been picking up.

A couple of years ago, I discovered meetups, to my delight.  I was able to then get together with others who were similarly spellbound by the paranormal, and I joined a bunch of them, including a couple that allowed me to go on some paranormal investigations.  I was in heaven.  But I still wasn’t protecting myself.

 Then, a couple of incidents made me realize that not only should I take the possibility of picking up hitch-hikers seriously, but that I actually had some attachments that I needed to get rid of.  It was, as they say, a real wake-up call.

 In one instance, I went to visit some friends after walking around the cemetery.  I felt drained and exhausted, and, as we were meeting to do energy work, I was having trouble standing up.  One of my friends noticed how I was feeling and took a closer look at me.  She asked me what I’d been doing, and said point blank that I had an entity attached to me.

 I thought about it for a while, and then I remembered that I’d been walking around in the cemetery.  She asked me if I’d put protection up around me.  Unfortunately, I had to admit that I hadn’t.  My friend helped me to clear the unwanted energy from me, and I immediately felt much better.

 In another instance, I was walking around a very large and very cluttered antique store.  The building itself was old.  I suddenly started to feel that now familiar sensation of being drained, and I started to get a headache.  But this time I understood what was happening, and I cleared myself immediately, and then put up my protection around me.  Again, I immediately felt better.  I have learned my lesson.

For the basics on clearing and protecting yourself, read my article on psychic protection on Suite 101.


 Val Tobin


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