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Manifest Destiny

I am still amazed at how many coincidences there are, how quickly it is possible to manifest something, and how, when you ask the angels for help, you get it.


I have a terrible fear of public speaking (one in a list of terrible fears that I have—neurotic is my middle name).  I recently was thinking that I would like to do something about it, but that I don’t have time to go the Toastmaster’s route, nor do I want to leave my home to attend anything in the first place (I always ask for complicated things when I place an order to the universe—just ask my Dad, who is in the spirit world, and receives such requests all the time from me). 


Not two days after I decided that I’d keep my eyes open for some kind of course on this, and asked my angels to help me find it, I received a newsletter email from the Ontario Hypnosis Centre (http://www.ont-hypnosis-centre.com/), which is run by Dr. Georgina Cannon, that included a section requesting volunteers for testing a new DVD program they had created to help people to overcome a fear of public speaking.


I had to apply for that.  They were selecting ten people to test, and I figured that if this was really Divine intervention, then I’d be accepted.  To my utter delight, I was.  I am looking forward to receiving my course in the mail soon, and thank my angels for facilitating this.


This isn’t the first time that I’ve been able to quickly manifest something.  I have been able to win door prizes and even managed to get a night’s stay in Los Angeles on the way to and from Hawaii simply by desiring to spend the night there but not have to pay for it.  On the way back, I had desired a better hotel than we had on the way there, and that was granted as well.


The common denominator for these manifestations seems to be a desire to have the thing, but being detached about getting it, and allowing the universe to take care of the details.  If something was required of me, I did it (for example, picking up the hotel voucher at the Air Canada ticket counter), but other than that, I left all the details and work up to the angels.


Be aware of how you ask for something when you ask for it, and notice how when you receive it differs from when you don’t.  How did you feel each time?  How did you ask?  Was there a fear of not getting it, which then became a self-fulfilling prophecy?  It’s nice to know that you can manifest your own destiny, but you must be energetically in line with the universe to achieve it.


The Secret does work, but you have to let it.  That seems to be the most difficult part, which is why I still haven’t won the lottery.  But I’m working on it.  J




Val Tobin, ATP®




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