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Oracle Card Reading for Week Starting Jan. 4, 2009

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!


This is our first blog for 2009.


This is a reading for the week starting Sunday, January 4, 2009.  I’m using Doreen Virtue’s “Magical Messages from the Fairies” Oracle cards to ask what is important for us to be aware of for the week ahead.


These are things that you should pay attention to as the week goes on:


Do Some Research – Is there something you are planning to get involved in that might require further investigation before you commit to it?  Perhaps you are considering a new job, school, or business opportunity, and don’t have all the facts (even if you think you do).  If an opportunity comes up for you in the next week, look twice before leaping into it. 


Ask your spirit guides, angels, and the fairies to help guide you through the decision-making process.  What does your intuition tell you about this deal?  Make sure you have all the facts before you proceed.


Emotional Healing – Your heart is in the process of healing from old emotional pain.  Old pain from a previous relationship is going to bubble up this week.  That’s not a bad thing.  It is about time you healed from it.  You may need some help and support to release and move past this turmoil.  You will be releasing anger, guilt, or resentment, and may need some guidance.  Your options are many, though.  You can turn to your own spirit guides and angels, or you can get counseling, or try a healing modality such as Reiki or Emotional Freedom Technique.  You could also just ask a friend or loved one to help you through this period. 


You are very loved, and will be able to find the support you need.  Once you have found this support, and have worked through your emotional release, you will be free to manifest your desires.  Emotional clearing is wonderful for getting rid of the old to allow the new and fresh into your life, like a breath of spring air.


Easy Does It – Surrender and all obstacles will yield.  Surrender does not mean “give up”.  It means release the things you can’t control to the universe, and act on the guidance you receive to have things work out for your best and highest good. 


When you try to force or strain to achieve something, your fears block and impede your progress.  Relax and release, and allow the universe to be your guide.  When you take it easy, you get out of your own way and everything slides into place.

Until next time, Namaste.

Val Tobin, ATP®



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