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An Angel Reading for the Week

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I was thinking that, with the work week about to start, we could all use a message from the angels.  I’m asking them what we all need to know to help us have a more productive and enjoyable week, and this is what I’ve been given:

Always ask your angels to help you with whatever you are working on. They would love to help you, but you need to ask. The angels cannot interfere with your free will. They need your permission to help you. When you have asked, either silently or aloud, pay attention to your gut feelings, any images you may receive, any words you may hear, or inspirational thoughts you may have. You may even get information in your dreams, so write them down when you wake up. Then, take action according to the guidance you have received.

In order to communicate and speak assertively, especially at work, ask the angels to help you balance your throat chakra. The throat chakra is your centre of communication, whether it is verbal or written. If you are afraid of disapproval and so do not speak up or hold back in your writing, then your throat chakra is tightened and you shut it down. Ask the angels to help you open up your throat chakra to allow your self-expression into the light. Ask Archangel Gabriel, the messenger angel, to help you speak your truth.

Finally, it is recommended that you also work on maintaining a balanced third eye chakra. This is the energy centre located between your two eyes in your forehead. At this time, it is important to recognize that this is an additional sense that you can make use of, but that in many people, it has been blocked for one reason or another–mostly fear-based reasons. It is safe for you to see. Ask Archangel Raphael to help you to remove any blocks that might be clogging your third eye and preventing you from connecting to the angels or your higher self.

I hope that you have a really great evening and that the coming week is rewarding and inspiring.


Val Tobin, ATP®



One Response

  1. I love your Sunday Angel Message, and although we should all know this, it’s so good to hear it restated. Because we forget. If we all keep asking for guidance, we can weather whatever is coming our way. Remember that the more people connect to their angels, guides and guardians, the more powerful the result for us, for our immediates, for the world, for the universe.

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